Qnecta is a company dedicated to wireless connections, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VoIP, born early 2002, the need to bring broadband to remote areas and / or difficult to access and connect your various wireless.

Qnecta has become one of the leading companies specializing in all types of wireless connections, rural networks and / or municipal, community networks, VoIP, point to point links and hot-spot.

We invest 10% of our turnover in I+D and training allows us to solve the different situations that arise.

We work in all sectors:

Public: Municipalities Institutes
Private: Multinational Communities SME owners


We offer the highest quality to our products and services, we call and strive to overcome obstacles that may arise in each case. Answers to the needs of customers. A Qnecta know that there is no standard facilities, every case is unique and requires a new response, tailored to the needs of the customer or client.

the results

All our work is result-oriented; concrete and useful in every situation; sparing no time or effort.


We work in an industry largely innovative, which means that we continually adapt to new products and services.